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I got this tattoo July 17th 2010 at the Illustrated Man in Camp Hill, PA. This tattoo is the first one I had done and I continue to live this as my life motto. The phrase ‘I will make better mistakes tomorrow’ is not an excuse for my actions, it’s a truce to myself that no matter what, I will always make mistakes. However, I will always learn from them and therefore, make a better mistake tomorrow. It’s a reminder to never be too hard on myself.

Lost Ones,

Here I am, again..

Left as the only structure still standing

With only a reminiscent of the past woman

the appocolypse has begun

and every hope of reciprocated love has eroded into angst



i loose my footing as i stand

my knees buckle under the weight of my swollen heart

wavering in perfect rythym as the tremble in my voice

my. tears. are waivelets of misplaced hope

sliding away from the windows to my lost soul


my smile is only a faint memory of once was

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